Current projects

Design of photo-bioreactor for production of micro algae and valuable bio-products

One of the important industries in the world in the field of biotechnology is microalgae biotechnology. Functional products such as food, drugs, cosmetics, and animal, poultry and fish feed could be gained from microalgae. The growing demand of various industries to algae biomass and valuable compounds such as carotenoids, essential fatty acids, omega-3 and phycocyanin and failure to produce the goods at home needs the essential considering to its production in the country.


  • Design and construction of high-performance Photo-bioreactor and start-up microalgae cultivation and processing in pilot scale
  • Access to technical knowledge to produce beta-carotene and functional products from microalgae
  • Cooperation with the private sector in the production of functional cosmetics products
  • Biological removal of carbon dioxide from microalgae
  • Production of phycocyanin, astaxantin and omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae

Economic benefits

  • Prevent the outflow of currency from the country
  • Create added value and produce valuable products of low value resources
  • Create jobs for experts and skilled people
  • Knowledge-based development and creation of new industries in the country
  • Helping to increase food security, promote health and well-being of society

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