dividerNews ArchivedividerProduction of functional cosmetic and hygienic products with algal biomass by researchers of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute
Production of functional cosmetic and hygienic products with algal biomass by researchers of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute
Production of functional cosmetic and hygienic products with algal biomass by researchers of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute

After signing an official contract of commercial offer of microalgal biomass produced in Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute to a private section, dasis of production of different types of functional cosmetic and hygienic products with completely native technology in the institute was facilitated.

According to the report of general relationship of the institute, Dr. Mohammad Amin Hejazi, the head of Food Industry Biotechnology Research Institute stated that after more than one decade of research on application of microalgae in food industry, pharmacy and production of cosmetic hygienic products and complementary products the researchers in the institute have achieved the complete chain of biomass production and processing of different algal species, selection and isolation of algal strains, design and instruction of bioreactors and development of propagation and harvesting systems. In the path of commercializing the products of the performed researches with collaboration of one of the production unit of cosmetic hygienic products in the country, after primary evaluation, the necessary authorization was obtained for production and commercial offer of functional cosmetic hygienic products containing algal compounds and for commercial production of these products the first official contract for marketing concentrated Dunaliella biomass for use in cosmetic hygienic products was signed with private section.

He mentioned the serious challenge in commercial offer of algal biomass to cosmetic, hygienic and pharmaceutic industries is the constant and sufficient biomass supply with high grade and economic cost which the institute researchers have overcome those and at the present there is the possibility of demand supply of industrial units to algal biomass for production of algal- based natural functional products.

The scientific member of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Agricultural Jihad specified that the algal fresh concentrated biomass which was delivered to Nella laboratory according to the three year contract between the institute and the mentioned company is produced from green alga Dunaliella salina, the native algal species of Iran which its full production procedure from identification and isolation of the strain to its propagation in the media, commercializing the process and production in the bioreactor constructed in the institute are developed by the researchers of  Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute.

Dr. Hejazi declared that the green microalga Dunaliella is a halotolerant species which lives in different areas of country like Urmia lake. This alga which was considered as low value species previously and has no place in traditional agriculture, is full of valuable compounds such as vitamins, beneficial minerals, oil, glycerol and pigments which when used in cosmetic hygienic products can be converted to functional products.

He also darified that the cosmetic hygienic company which signed this cortract as a costomer of algal biomass has plan to produce a kind of Anti- inflammatory ointment for joints pain relief from algal biomass. Also same other cosmetic hygienic units are interested to use algal extract in their products but negotiations with them are in the primary steps.

Finally the head of Food Industry Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute with emphasis on high increased value of production and application of microalgae in different industries and its role in elevating food value and beneficiary of different products pointed that development of microalgal application in the country, in addition to the profit to producers and consumers, might lead to establishing various knowledge based companies and generating new job positions for the university graduates.

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